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3 Reasons to LOVE the Old Town Tavern

Now there are THREE great reasons to love the Old Town Tavern. It's called Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!

You would have never expected the first half of the week to be so awesome. We all know how easy it is to love the last half of the week as we wind down from the beginning of the week and look forward to the weekend. But now there are three great reasons so love the first half also. Seriously. Why enjoy life only on the weekends?

We start off with Martini and Manhattan Monday. From 6PM to close, you'll enjoy Maker's Mark Manhattans and Tito's Vodka Martinis for only $7. Now that's an evening to remember. You don't even need to put it on your calendar since every morning you'll wake up saying to yourself, "Is it Monday?"

On Monday night while enjoying the Old Town Tavern, the beautiful surroundings of Old Town Scottsdale area and the plaza walkway, sipping on your Martini; you'll think to yourself, "I can't wait until tomorrow."

Why? Tuesday. It's the day we pay tribute to Tequila Tuesday! We use Hornitos 100% Puro Agave Tequila to create the most decadent $7 Pineapple Margarita! Add together some Hornitos Plata with a splash of pineapple juice and lime juice. Ingredients that will make summer feel like summer. We'll have you singing, "2017 was the best summer ever!" Every Tuesday night from 6PM to close.

Why stop there? The peak of the week comes along making it time to celebrate the beginning of the end; and we celebrate with Whiskey Wednesday! Using Suntory TOKI Whiskey, we'll make you the whiskey cocktail of your choice. And this Japanese whiskey is amazing with amazing reviews. Starting at 6PM and going till close, we'll be drinking whiskey.

While enjoying the beginning of the week with amazing drink specials, you'll also revel in the great live music sounds played every night of the week at the Old Town Tavern. So make sure you join us for the tree great reasons to love the Old Town Tavern.

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