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9 Reasons that We're the BIGGEST Little Stage

Yes, there are 9 reasons the Old Town Tavern in Scottsdale is the BIGGEST Little Stage in Old Town.

Maybe we should say 32 reasons or ... 384 reasons. We can't decide. That's because we have amazing live music at the OTT 8 times a week! Almost every single night you'll see a different artist or band playing on our little stage plus the afternoon hours on Saturday's and Sunday's.

That's 32 different music options per month and 384 a year.

WOW! That's a lot of live music.

That's why they call the Old Town Tavern the BIGGEST Little Stage in Old Town.

You'll never stop being entertained at the OTT. Between the live music, the many TV's for your favorite sport events, Happy Hour being EVERY hour, the great atmosphere and the new drinking buddy's you establish, the OTT will be your go to spot.

Want to know who's playing and when?

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